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About Me

My name is HilLesha, and I'm a 27 year old mother to an energetic, yet loveable, 6 year old boy and a 6 month old baby girl. I've been in the Marketing and Advertising field since I was 17 years old. Alongside with my mother, we launched our first web-site in 2004, and now we currently have four other active blogs - Fashion Fling, House of Bella, To the Motherhood, and The Beauty Counter. We have worked with endless companies, such as Nokia, AT&T, Marriott, Dyson, Frigidaire, Filter Magazine, Lucky Magazine, and many more! Feel free to circle me on Google+ and/or add me as a friend on Facebook.

I'm very laidback and quiet; simplistic, yet fun; spontaneous, silly, and love to laugh. I love trying new things to add to my endless list of interests. I enjoy traveling, listening to music, watching movies, going to the riverfront, photography, museums, historical places, fashion, bargain shopping, Zumba, playing video games, history, learning new things, going to yard sales and garage sales, flea markets, antiques, vintage clothing, art, and reading. My name isn't June Cleaver, but I also love to cook and bake in my spare time. I love trying out different recipes!

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